The 30-Day Ab Challenge For A Flat Tummy

Whether you want to strengthen your core, lose a little belly fat or just want to challenge yourself, a 30 day ab challenge is always a good idea!

Before getting into it, we would just like to mention that you should not count on this challenge only to have the perfect, flat, toned belly. Weight loss depends on 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. So, while this challenge could be a great addition to your diet, it will not help you shed pounds on its own. That being said, if you want to lose weight, be sure to watch what you’re eating as well!

This 30-day ab challenge is also a great way to gradually work your way up to a great ab workout that really makes your core burn. At the beginning of the challenge you will be doing less reps of each exercise, but by the end of it – you will be a pro with a rock solid core! So it’s perfect for someone who’s still a beginner at working out, but wants to learn more.

Also, if you’re afraid you can’t commit to doing 30 days of ab workouts, remember, that’s why it’s called a challenge! It will be hard but it will help you grow in the long-term. And it’s just temporary! It’ll be over in 30 days…

So, grab a friend to motivate each other and let’s get started!

All 9 Exercises From The “30-Day Ab Challenge For A Flat Belly” Explained:


Lie on your back with your knees bent and hip-width apart. Place your hand behind your neck with your elbows out to the sides. Curl up and lift your head, neck and shoulder blades from the floor. Hold for second and slowly roll back down.

Make sure you are using you abdominal muscles to curl up rather that pushing your neck up with your hands!

Russian Twists

Start by sitting on the floor. Then, lean back slightly, bend your legs and lift them from the floor. Interlace your hands in front of you, engage your core, keep your balance and slowly twist from side to side.

The key here is to try not to move your legs and only use your core to twist from side to side.

Leg Lifts

Start by lying down on your back with your hands either on the sides or under your glutes and your legs straight up in the air. Press your lower back into the floor and slowly lower your legs down to the floor.

Make sure you’re lower back is not arching while performing this exercise!


There are two different plank variations you can choose to do – high plank or low plank. Personally, I prefer doing a low plank, but it’s totally up to you!

The key here is to make sure you are forming a straight line with spine and your head should be in line with your back. Don’t arch your back or lower you hips!

Reverse Crunches

Start by lying on your back with your arms by your sides or under your glutes. Push your back into the floor and lift your legs up while keeping them bent at a 90 degree angle. Then, using your core, slowly pull your knees to your chest so that your tailbone raises from the ground, hold that for a second and slowly go back to the starting position.

Toe Touches

Start by lying down on your back, with both of your legs straight up in the air. Then, squeeze your abs and crunch your neck and shoulders off the floor, extend your arms and aim to reach your toes.

Flutter Kicks

Lie down on your back with your arms on your sides. Push your back into the floor, slightly raise your legs from the floor and perform small kicks up and down.

Make sure your back is always touching the floor, do not arch it!

Heel Taps

Lie down on you back with your knees bent and hip-width apart. Lift your neck and shoulders off the floor, engage your ab muscles and reach from side to side. Try to tap your right heels with your right hand and then left heel with your left hand.

Make sure you aren’t lifting your upper body up as you move. You should be side crunching!

Diamond Sit-ups

Start by lying on your back with the soles of your feet touching each other. Your legs should look like they form a diamond. Extend your arms over your head and slowly curl up until your can touch the floor in from of your with your hands. Slowly lower back to the starting position.

Make sure your glutes and feet are always in contact with the ground!

And there you have it! Those are all the exercises that are included in this fat-burning 30-day abs challenge. Try it out and let us know what you think! We would love to see your transformation pictures!

Also, please remember that this challenge alone will not bring extreme results. However, if you do incorporate a healthy diet as well, you are sure to reach your desired results!

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